The coat of arms of Marco Carpineti is found in the historical family palace in the centre of Cori. In the heraldry, the three stars portrait the three main virtues, namely: hope, charity and faith. Now, the three stars which shine upon Marco Carpineti are the symbols of sustainability, respect for nature, and innovation of the tradition.

According to ancestral cultures, the eight-point star is the symbol of the morning star, which is Venus, the goddess generating life. In fact, the eight-point stars embody concepts of fertility, continuity in the cycle of life and death, and belonging to Nature. Aware of these symbols, Marco Carpineti means organic wine and magnification of ancient grape varieties through the exclusive adoption of natural elements and living materials.

Grape collection is always hand-made, and timely per each specific grape variety to respect the natural cycles and values of the cultivated grapes. Main characters of Marco Carpineti line are the local white grape varieties of Bellone, its rare variant grape Arciprete, and Greco Moro, and the red grapes, such as Nero Buono, Montepulciano and Cesanese. 

Marco Carpineti line encompasses organic wines shaped by terracotta, barriques and steel, inspired by the tales of ancient.




Nzù means together in the ancient dialect of Cori and this is the sense behind this magnificent biodynamic red wine aged in clay amphora. Made of the ancient Nero Buono red grapes, Nzù Nero Buono is a complex, elegant, full-bodied red wine, a real homage to Ancient Rome as well as a forward-looking wine. After a first natural fermentation phase, the Nzù Nero Buono red wine ages in the amphoras created by a selection of argilla from the hills of Cori. Thanks to the process, Nero Buono ancient wine variety features a ruby garnet red colour, and an intense scent of spices and of red fruit. Nzù Nero Buono is a dry and robust red wine. It is the expression of the Cori territory temper, volcanic and rich in iron soil, cultivated by the ancient methods of biodynamic agriculture.



Nzù means togetherness in the ancient dialect of Cori and this is the sense behind this magnificent biodynamic white wine aged in clay amphora. Made with the ancient Bellone white grape variety, this Marco Carpineti’s masterpiece wine is naturally fermented first, and then aged in hand-made clay amphoras. Nzù Bellone white wine features a pale yellow colour, with brilliant orange shades, and discloses the scents of wildflowers of the vineyards on the seven hills of Capolemole estate. Nzù Bellone white wine by Marco Carpineti is a homage to Ancient Rome wine techniques, a bright wine as a journey through the vineyards of the sweet hills of Cori cultivated by biodynamic methods. In this way, Nzù Bellone white wine becomes the symbol of the Carpineti family as a visible bond with the territory and nature, the local community, as the departing ingredients of the future.




Apolide red wine cradle is in the Ninfa estate terroir, a tranquil terrace on the slopes of the Lepini Mountains, facing the Circeo cape on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ninfa estate is open to the winds and with considerable temperature changes, and it is where Nero Buono red berries come to a special maturation point. In the Ninfa estate, Nero Buono red grapes absorb the intense sunlight and collect the silence of the Francigena Route that crosses the tenures. Apolide is a red wine entirely made from Nero Buono grapes, masterly refined in barrique. The name ‘Apolide’ means stateless, as this red wine goes beyond its origins, like the Nero Buono grapes – cosmopolitan, complex and intriguing at the taste. Stateless by name, boundless by its natural character.



Dithyramb was an ancient Greek hymn sung and danced in honour of Dionysus by the Maenads, the female followers of the god of vines, grapes and wine. In fact, the dithyrambs were enriched with wine and full in narrative contents, and were considered by Aristotle the first form of the Ancient Greek tragedy. Dithyrambus red wine is a choir for Dionysus, and it is born in the cru of Paolino hill, one of the seven hills of Capolemole estate. Dithyrambus is made from Nero Buono and Montepulciano grapes, and it is a round, persistent and alcoholic wine. The careful hand-made grape selection and the twenty-four-month barrique ageing celebrate the taste of this red wine.



Greco Moro is such an extremely rare typology of wine that it is still not on the official directory of the grapes from Italy. The origins of Greco Moro wine traces back to the ancient commercial routes between Cori and the merchants of Magna Grecia. In fact, Greco Moro tradition was kept thanks to the tales of the elders of our community, and rigorous research which led us to revamp a vine species that had practically disappeared. Greco Moro grapes are part of the family of Greco Bianco that turn their berries from white into dark green at their point of maturity. Greco Moro features very few grapes per plant with very delicate berries. In fact, grapes are picked at dawn to preserve all their structure. From this natural ritual derived from ancient history, Moro white wine by Marco Carpineti takes its delicate and fresh shape, a light fruity golden wine with notes of peach and almond and scents of fresh-cut hay. Moro by Marco Carpineti pursues the perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation.



Ludum organic passito wine is born from the best berries of Arciprete grapes, a rare variant of the ancient Bellone white grape. Arciprete literally means ‘archpriest’ (the high priest) as Arciprete grapes were the favourite ones by a historical archpriest of Cori cathedral which cultivated this type of grapes to make the wine for the Holy Mass. Arciprete white grapes give origin to a sweet wine with scents of wildflowers on Cori hills. Arciprete grapes are cut and left on the plants to naturally dry and turn golden under the best of the sunlight. In this way, such a process enhances the natural sugars and aromas of the grapes. In mid-November, the grapes are picked by hand and gently pressed. Afterwards, the must is led to slow fermentation, aging then for twelve months in durmast barrels.




Collesanti wine of Marco Carpineti line is from Collesanti cru, one of the seven hills of Capolemole estate. Its crystal colour, the delicate scents of white fruit and flowers, its distinct minerality, the natural fermentation and its intense sapidity tell the long tale of the indigenous Bellone grape, cultivated in Cori since the ancient Roman times. From organic agriculture methods, Collesanti of Marco Carpineti line expresses a direct, bold, and refreshing character.



Capolemole Bianco white wine by Marco Carpineti is named after the Capolemole estate in which Marco Carpineti history has begun. Capolemole Bianco is the celebration of Bellone grapes, an indigenous grape type from Cori, characterised by a delicate skin and a firm texture. It has a simple and pleasant aromatic profile, with scents of fresh fruits, citrus zest and white flowers, shaped by the beauty of the Capolemole landscape. In fact, it is a wine ideal for any life moment, communicating the authenticity of life. Capolemole Bianco organic white wine gathers the structure and the nostalgia of the volcanic terrains in which it is rooted, while shaping the taste of the present.



Capolemole Rosso red wine is the result of the alchemy between Nero Buono indigenous grapes, the robustness of Montepulciano grapes, and the elegant touch of Cesanese variety. Opening a bottle of Capolemole Rosso means to smell the forest fruit and red fruit, and watch a scarlet sunset behind the seven hills of Capolemole estate while tasting a round wine, almost chewable, authentic, and balanced. Capolemole Rosso gathers the full character of the barriques in which it is refined for twelve months.



Tufaliccio red wine is named after Tulifaccio hill, one of the seven hills of the Capolemole estate, rich in tuff stone, volcanic soils and sweet slopes. Tufaliccio red wine narrates with its taste the patience of the Carpineti family that has shaped the beauty of the vineyards of Cori territory for more than a century. This red wine is a vintage wine made from Montepulciano and Cesanese grape varieties, moulded around an intense, deep-red inscrutable character. It opens the senses in a generous yet direct and plain embrace of ripe red fruit.




This organic grappa is aged in barrique and it is made from the best hand-selected grape marcs of Nero Buono indigenous variety. Nero Buono grape marcs are masterly distilled in small copper vats with a steam batch system to release a vigorous, aromatic intensity and a fair suppleness as a full expression of our lands. Thanks to an eighteen-month ageing, the perfumes of Grappa di Nero Buono reveal an embracing scent that brings us through the Carpineti estates.



This organic white grappa is a classic Italian grappa, whose taste follows the smoothness of Cori’s lands, where it is produced. Grappa di Nero Buono by Carpineti is made from the best hand-selected grape marcs of Nero Buono indigenous variety. Nero Buono grape marcs are masterly distilled in small copper vats with a steam batch system to release a vigorous, aromatic intensity and a fair suppleness as a full expression of the beauty of our lands. The perfumes of Grappa di Nero Buono reveal an embracing scent that brings us to timeless sensations.