There was a little countryside house along the Francigena Route with a lovely trellis vine over the front yard. From time to time, pilgrims and wayfarers towards Rome stopped by to purchase wine, and admired the archaic horizons of the ancient Cori.



In the Forties and Fifties, Paolo Carpineti started as a winemaker in his little winery working between Cori and Rome. His wine immediately took the shape of the sweet tuff hills of what would be the Capolemole estate. He had success, and initiated, without knowing it, a living dream of the size of the vineyards.

Marco Carpineti initiates the wine adventure from a little countryside villa along the Francigena Route, south of Rome, as heritage of his ancestors. Wine by Marco Carpineti is moulded by the memoirs of the elders and the ancient grape varieties along the sweet hills of the Capolemole Estate in Cori. Marco Carpineti winery sees in the past, in the indygenous grapes, in the slow and natural farming the future of the wine.

Bellone, Greco Moro and Nero Buono are the newly discovered indygenous grape types. Marco Carpineti opens the way as a pioneer, shaping a living dream embracing a company which is vision, territory, and innovation.



The key words of Marco Carpineti’s wine making are clear: sustainability, organic wine production, beauty of the landscapes, labour rights and wine culture. Marco Carpineti is among the first winemakers in Italy adopting the organic method of agriculture.

The ingredients of the success of Marco Carpineti are the vineyards, the solidity of the farming methods and their natural integrity, the intimate adherence to environmental sustainability in each phase of the production. 

Bellone, Greco MoroNero Buono are enhanced in a new and ancient perspective, a continuous challenge yet a labour of love, renewed by a constant pursuit of harmony between land and history.


The second millennium opened with the new winery of Capolemole Estate. From the new winery, it is possible to admire neat hills with breathtaking scenarios, and ancient terraces.

The vineyards expanded, experimentations continued, and a welcoming point for visitors was inaugurated. The wines of Marco Carpineti became more and more widely recognised and celebrated.



The first premium wine by Marco Carpineti was presented to the public, the Dithyrambus, the result of an extremely accurate selection of climate, soil, grapes and time traditions. Its terroir is Paolino hill, one of the seven hills of Capolemole estate.

Marco Carpineti wine is made of the extreme care of the elements offered by nature. Limestone rocks and argilla of the Ninfa estate are the basis of the equilibrium and wine quality. The new Ninfa estate is the will of Marco Carpineti to go beyond Capolemole Estate, in the pursuit of new historical perspectives, rich terrains and hidden climates that can undig innovative scents and hints from Bellone, Greco Moro and Nero Buono. In fact, Marco Carpineti means to discover and valorise what a territory can offer, bringing new and contemporary dimensions to the wine experience.

Ninfa estate accompanies the walk of the pilgrims on the Francigena Route towards Rome, and connects Cori to the mythic Mediaeval town of Ninfa, whose ruins have been converted to the Ninfa Garden.



San Pietro estate is the new adventure signed by Marco Carpineti. A step forward in the wine journey – bringing vineyards on more gentle hills, protected by almost untainted forests. San Pietro Estate is the result of the never-ending pursuit of the future by Marco Carpineti to unveil what does not exist, and that an intuition can reveal among the vineyards and the traditions. 

As such, San Pietro Estate is a natural park characterised by a unique microclimate, a rich soil and super wildlife where the ancient grape varieties of Nero Buono and Bellone express their natural potential.


The firstborn of Marco Carpineti, Paolo, started his entrepreneurial adventure. His enthusiasm is the basis for the experimentation of the sparkling versions of the indygenous grape species, Bellone and Nero Buono. In this way, the new way of Classic Method is born, a daring choice, almost a challenge to international wine productions. 

Heart of this experimentation is the marvellous San Pietro Estate, a fine equilibrium between innovation and tradition.



With extraordinary spirit, tenacity and innovation, with firm hand by Marco Carpineti, and the young vision of Paolo, 

KIUS e is uncorked for the first time. KIUS is a classic method sparkling wine made from the indygenous grape varieties of Bellone and Nero Buono. KIUS is an invented word that identifies a brand, a label, an unprecedented classic method sparkling wine in its versions Brut, Extra Brut and Pas Dosé.

Antoniana estate is the new challenge of the Carpineti family in biodynamic agriculture and in environmental protection, as the other winery Estates.

The experimentation by Marco Carpineti sets a new bar – the enhancement of the wine of Roman emperors, the famous Cecubum wine, treasured by the marvellous mountains of the villages of Sermoneta, Bassiano and Sezze. 

Not only – the agricultural farming of ancient grains, of open range cattle breeding, the centuries-old olive trees, the discovery of ancient routes and the open-air relax are what one can find in Antonia Estate.  

Antoniana Estate is an ambitious project which calls for the courage of generations and the patient work of natural elements.



Mò Mò is the organic extra-virgin olive oil born as a project to preserve the territory and the local tree species. The restoration of the centuries-old olive trees of Itrana and Leccio species in the different Carpineti Estates is the material vision of sustainable local development, and the enhancement of soils at abandonment risk.

Nzù means together in the ancient dialect of Cori and this is the sense behind this magnificent biodynamic wine aged in clay amphora.. Nzù of the Marco Carpineti brand is inspired by the spirit and traditions of Ancient Rome bringing it to the future.

Nzù wine is the result of biodynamic agriculture based on animal traction, refined in clay selected from Cori hills and masterly shaped by local skillful artisans.



Isabella joins the work of Paolo and Marco Carpineti. Her passion brings to the birth of the project Carpineti Experience, and this means going beyond wine, explicitly connecting it to history, traditions, innovation and the beauty of the surroundings. Visitors can experience the Carpineti winery and its estates in a new way, experimenting laboratories and wine tasting, walking tours and the organisation of personalised events.

Globe, planet, world, land, soil are synonyms of the word Earth, raw material that is the symbol of continuity and the skeleton of the dreams of the Carpineti universe. 

Capolemole Estate, Pezze di Ninfa Estate, San Pietro Estate and Antoniana Estate are the terrae (lands) on which wines, persons and values cross each other by the key values of sustainable agriculture, unceasing spirit of innovation and traditions. And all of this is the texture of one harmonic project  – Carpineti Terrae.


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Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593

Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860
Email: info@marcocarpineti.com

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593