The first vineyard labyrinth in the world

Cicero mentions the Villa of Marcus Antonius in De Oratore books as a sumptuous patrician property whose presence has originated the name of Antoniana estate. The history around Antoniana estate is the story of the Cecubo wine, loved by emperors, poets and farmers. Cecubo literally means ‘the wine of the blind’, as it was popularised by Appio Claudio Cieco (The Blind), Roman Censor who gave the name to Cecubo wine as well as he built and named after himself the Ancient Appia Route, that flanks the Antoniana estate.

Thus far, wild Cecubo trunks still emerge from the soil under the thick layers of pine trees and among the pure limestone rocks.

Leaving the Francigena Route from the Ancient Appia trait, one can take the left and walk uphill towards a mountain plateau rich in spring waters, Roman wells, featuring an early-Twentieth-Century artificial lake.

From the Antoniana estate plateau, one can catch a glimpse of the rich plain beneath, and further Ventotene island and its twin islands on the Tyrrhenian Sea, almost touching the Circeo National Natural Park.

Antoniana estate is a reserve of more than four hundred-fifty hectares sewn by the sheep tracks that cross in the main valley of Antoniana estate, and connect with the first vineyard labyrinth in the world revolving as a galaxy within an enchanted world.

Caetani family and the seigneuries of Middle Age

Antoniana estate is at the crossroads of three extraordinary towns, namely; Bassiano, Sermoneta and Sezze. If one climbs up the centuries-old oak tree that oversees the vineyard labyrinth, one can stare at the faraway life on the plain beneath, the beauty of the towns near Rome, the spring water sources attended by the wild cattle.  

Within the Antoniana estate, one can observe the Tower of Acquapuzza (literally ‘stinky water’) which guards the birth of Cavata river and the Tufette lands rich in sulfurous waters. Even earlier, in the same place there was the Latin Castrum Acquaputridae, which was left by the local inhabitants who fled to Bassianus (nowadays Bassiano), property of Lucius Septimius Bassianus, the former name of the Emperor Caracalla.

Medieval bastion on the Ancient Roman routes, the Tower of Acquapuzza represents the ruins of the splendour of the seigneuries of Middle Age. In fact, the Tower of Acquapuzza was controlled by the powerful family of Caetani from Sermoneta, also owner of the lands of Cisterna and Ninfa.

The Tower was a custom point of crucial relevance as a checkpoint of commerce and armies moving between Rome and Southern Italy during the Middle Age. Charles V, returning from Tunisia at the head of his army, was blocked by Caetani from Sermoneta for a blockade organised at the steps of Tower of Acquapuzza.

At that time, the trait of Ancient Appia between Roma and Terracina was inoperable due the swamp, hence the only alternative for the movements was the Appia Pedemontana (at the foothills of the mountain where Antoniana estate is). Such a situation was the reason for the enormous power gathered by Ninfa and Sermoneta lords. Today the Tower of Acquapuzza is a fascinating milestone on the Francigena Route towards Rome and a luxury shelter for the owls.

Antoniana estate is not a vineyard

Antoniana estate is not a vineyard. It is the union of all the senses stimulated by a park which blends wild elements, vineyards and the omnipresence of ancient history. 

The biodiversity of Antoniana estate is the result of a unique combination of pine forests, mountain pastures, the paths of the shepherds, and abundant spring water. The bet on a green and sustainable future starts here with the adoption of crop rotation of ancient grains and different herbs, the open range cattle breeding, and biodynamic agriculture methods applied to indygenous grape varieties of Abbuoto (Cecubo), Bellone and Nero Buono.

The pulsating heart of Antoniana estate is the vineyard labyrinth where it is possible to experience a new dimension of our winery as an untainted oasis hidden in the chest of the mountain. 

The wines of Antoniana estate

The wines of Antoniana estate originate from the vineyard labyrinth on the plateau, enclosed in an enchanted place, characterised by considerable temperature changes. The grapes collected here give equilibrium to our best wines.
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Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593