Towards the Ninfa Garden

Having passed Cori, one can continue the journey on the Francigena Route towards Ninfa, the once-existing Medieval village that hosts nowadays the Garden of Ninfa, a unique example of nature and history. Following the route at the foot of the Lepini Mountains, the landscape changes – the tuff stones turn into rocks and clay, the height grows, and the countryside becomes a mosaic held together by the work of the farmers. 

Finally, the journey crosses Ninfa estate, a tranquil terrace covered by vineyards with a breathtaking panorama capturing the Circeo mountain on the sea where, according to the Odyssey tales, Ulysses and the sorceress Circe met each other.

The sun never leaves the marvellous mountain coast of Ninfa estate, and the only existing shade is the one of the monumental polygonal walls at the centre of Ninfa estate.

The enchanting landscape of Ninfa Garden

Ninfa Garden is where History and Nature move together and where the pattern of the ancient roads shape a unique archeological site rich in spring water, haralds, natural species and fertile soils. Nowadays, the Lepini Mountains shield this treasure and preserve the routes toward Ninfa Garden and the surrounding monuments – Valvisciolo Abbey, the ruins of the Roman villas, the Roman Empire milestones which are still visible, farmer houses and countryside parishes are the main landmarks along the Francigena Route leading to Ninfa Garden. 

At the heart of this agricultural landscape we can find the fifteen hectares of Ninfa estate, embellished by precious pre-Roman polygonal walls.

A special protection area

Ninfa estate is a special protection area, exclusively dedicated to organic farming. Nestled in the Lepini Mountains, Ninfa estate is a vineyard on sweet hill slopes characterised by the indygenous grape varieties of Bellone and Nero Buono grapes. The missing piece in this picturesque picture is the Apolide red wine. In fact, Apolide red wine is born here, a red wine entirely made of Nero Buono grapes, masterly refined in barrique. The name ‘Apolide’ means stateless, like the Nero Buono grapes, as this red wine goes beyond its origins – cosmopolitan, complex and intriguing at the taste. Stateless by name, boundless by its natural character.  

At sunset, once the sun has disappeared over the horizon, the iron-rich walls surrounding Ninfa estate release any sort of colour, from brilliant and ruby red, to orange and brass colours. 

Around the polygonal ruins within Ninfa estate, bushes of the Mediterranean flora and the scents of the herbs shelter the pilgrims along the Francigena Route.

The wines of Ninfa estate

Wines made from a unique combination of selected grapes, territory and climate. They hold together the harmony of their originating elements.



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Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593