Reaching Marco Carpineti

Coming from north, the path becomes tighter, the grassy ditches give way to sweet hills, to hazelnut trees, delicate Mediterranean fragrant shrubs that surround the vineyards.

We are on the Francigena Route. Like a ribbon, it lies between the past and the present, and flanks the vineyards rich in grapes, leading south, while collecting memories and wine scents. The field colour is of the stuff stone, and it is shaped by the patient labour of the farmers, witnessed by ancient terraces, leaning on the Pontine plain, towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The breeze blows from the western side with wide exposure to the sunlight. Instead, southwards, one can admire the intensity of the Medieval horizons of Cori.

Like an ancient tower, Carpineti winery guards the beauty of the lands shaped by organic and biodynamic agriculture. Carpineti winery welcomes you, it is a meeting point of people and ideas.

In Carpineti cellar, you can touch the foundations of Capolemole estate in its essentials – the rocks, the woods, the finest aromas of the vineyards, the friendly community of Carpineti winery ready to welcome you.

Cori, the ancient Cora

Legends narrate the divine origin of the territory of Cori, anciently known as Cori, where Capolemole estate is. Dardanus, Aeneas, or Corax are the godly heroes of the Battle of Troy who spark the foundations of this fabulous town.

Roman, Renaissance and Mediaeval Monuments, traditional taverns, and the exceptional human stories of great courage and intelligence materialise in the extraordinary views of the historical centre of Cori.

In fact, Cori preserves the same ancient, rich, and bright character inherited from the past. Nowadays Cori is the hill at the centre of the group of sweet and limestone slopes where our thirty-five-hectare estate lies.

The seven hills of Capolemole estate

While walking, one dives into the stretched countryside routes creating a net that draws the quadrants of a map of ancient grapes cultivated by Carpineti winery. In fact, the Capolemole estate has the shape of a face of a farmer and one can sail through it.

Capolemole estate is a basin of quietness and hills shaped by the work of centuries where tidy vineyards lay cultivated by the most modern standards. Organic and biodynamic methods are the key words of nowadays production, to have the least environmental impact, together with careful research on the ancient grapes.

In Capolemole estate each hill has a name, and we know it for its history, for the vineyards and for the soil quality. Paolino hill is where Dithyrambus agée wine is produced, made from Nero Buono and Montepulciano grapes. Collesanti is another hill which gives the name to Collesanti wine. Then, there is Tufaliccio hill which gives the name to the famous Tufaliccio wine from Cesanese and Montepulciano grapes. These varieties, together with Greco Moro and Bellone grapes, can be found on the other three hills of Capolemole estate, such as Vignale della Selva, Costa Filippani and Casa Vecchia. The last hill is the one occupied by the winery in Capolemole estate.

On these seven hills a whole new foundation started.

The wines of Capolemole estate

The wines of Marco Carpineti line are diverse and elegant, expressions of the unique terroir of Cori. Round as the hills, and firm as the volcanic and tuff soils that generate them.

Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593

Tel & Fax: +39 06 967 9860

Marco Carpineti Agricola Biologica – S.P. Velletri-Anzio, 3 – 04010 Cori – Italia – P.IVA: 01566070593